UC Merced Majors and Minors

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Find Out More About the Major and Minor Degree Programs at the University of California Merced

UC Merced offers more than 60 undergraduate academic programs and 18 graduate programs taught by more than 400 full-time faculty members, visiting professors and lecturers, who come to Merced from some of the world's top-ranked universities.

Listed below are three academic pathways with related majors that could lead to various careers you may be considering.

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Programs include:

American Studies
American Studies (minor)

Anthropology B.A.
Anthropology minor

Applied Mathematical Sciences
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Computational Biology B.S
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Computational and Data Sciences B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Computer Science B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Custom B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Economics B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Engineering B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Environmental B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences/Physics B.S.
Applied Mathematical Sciences Minor

Bioengineering/Biomedical Imaging and Bioinstrumentation B.S.
Bioengineering/Biotechnology B.S.

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences, B.A.
Biological Sciences/ Developmental Biology B.S.
Biological Sciences/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology B.S.
Biological Sciences/Human Biology B.S.
Biological Sciences/Microbiology and Immunology B.S.
Biological Sciences/Molecular and Cell Biology B.S.

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering B.S.
Chemical Engineering/Nanotechnology B.S.

Chemistry/Biological Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry/Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry/Materials Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry minor

Chicanx Studies
Chicanx Studies minor

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering B.S.

Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science B.A.
Cognitive Science B.S.
Cognitive Science minor

Community Research and Service
Community Research and Service minor

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering B.S.

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies B.A.
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies minor

Data Science and Analytics
Data Science and Analytics B.A.

Data Science and Computing
Data Science and Computing/Applied Mathematics B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Biology B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Chemistry B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Custom B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Environmental Systems Science B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Materials Science and Engineering B.S.
Data Science and Computing/Physics B.S.
Data Science and Computing minor

Economics/Economic Analysis and Policy B.S.
Economics/Quantitative Economics B.S.
Economics minor

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering B.S.

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering B.S.

Environmental Humanities
Environmental Humanities B.A.
Environmental Humanities minor

Environmental Systems Science
Environmental Systems Science/Earth and Climate Science B.S.
Environmental Systems Science/Ecosystem Science B.S.

Geospatial Technology
Geospatial Technology minor

Global Arts Studies
Global Arts/Performance Studies B.A.
Global Arts/Visual Studies B.A.
Global Arts Studies minor

History B.A.
History minor

Literatures in English
Literatures in English B.A.
Literatures in English/Literature and Social Justice B.A.
Literatures in English/Literature and the Environment B.A.
Literatures in English minor

Management Analytics and Decision-Making
Management Analytics and Decision-Making minor

Management and Business Economics
Management and Business Economics B.S.
Management and Business Economics minor

Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering B.S.
Materials Science and Engineering/Nanotechnology B.S.
Materials Sciences and Engineering minor

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering B.S.
Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering B.S.

Natural Sciences Education
Natural Sciences Education minor
Natural Sciences Education minor with teaching credential

Philosophy B.A.
Philosophy minor

Physics B.S.
Physics/Astrophysics B.S.
Physics/Biophysics and Soft Matter B.S.
Physics/Computation and Data Science B.S.
Physics/Custom B.S.
Physics/Engineering and Applied Physics B.S.
Physics/Mathematical and Computational Physics B.S.
Physics/Quantum Science and Technology B.S.
Physics minor

Political Science
Political Science/American Politics B.A.
Political Science/Comparative Politics B.A.
Political Science/International Relations B.A.
Political Science/Law and Policy B.A.
Political Science minor

Psychology B.A.
Psychology minor

Public Health
Public Health B.A.
Public Health B.S.
Public Health/Pre-Medical B.S.
Interdisciplinary Public Health minor

Sociology B.A.
Sociology/Community Studies B.A.
Sociology/Health, Medicine, and Society B.A.
Sociology/Justice, Law, and Society B.A.
Sociology/Race and Racial Justice B.A.
Sociology minor

Spanish B.A.
Spanish minor

Writing Studies
Writing Studies B.A.