History, B.A.

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UC Merced History Program

History majors learn to do the work of historians, researching and writing about the past. All history majors complete a capstone project — a major research paper on a subject of their choosing. History majors have the option to do an internship that exlores the ways history can be used in cultural, social and political institutions.

As a History major at UC Merced, you will enjoy:

  • learning from outstanding faculty, two thirds of whom were first generation college students themselves
  • a deliberately global curriculum
  • small upper division classes
  • the possibility of getting to know and work closely with your professors in the department
  • individualized mentoring
  • opportunities to work with faculty on research projects
  • developing pathways to a number of future careers
  • the prospect of publishing and gaining editorial experience in a student-run journal

What Can You Do With A History Degree?

  • Annual Job Openings in CA: 21,275
  • 10-year projected job market growth:16.8%
  • Median wage in California: $99,262

Upon graduation, you might become*:

  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • Media Programming Director
  • Commodities Broker
  • Financial Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • *Law Clerk

*Careers with * typically require further education and training.