School of Natural Sciences

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Natural Science Degree Programs & Courses

The academic and research programs in the UC Merced School of Natural Sciences create an environment for excellence in student achievement and cutting-edge research in the broad areas of life, physical and environmental sciences. Our innovative undergraduate and graduate curricula provide the foundational wisdom today’s students need to excel throughout the diverse array of natural science degree careers.

UC Merced is helping educate and train the next great generation of scientists and leaders within the field of natural sciences. Advances in biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, mathematics and physics promise solutions to many problems — from fighting disease to creating sustainable energy sources. Earning a degree in natural sciences can help address the challenges of the 21st century and help create a more sustainable world for the future.

Earn Your Bachelors Degree in Natural Science By Enrolling in Our Program

Research excellence translates to excellence in graduate education and undergraduate experiences. The School of Natural Sciences is developing stellar academic programs for discoveries and applications in science and technology, and for graduate and undergraduate education. The research and teaching programs serve as economic engines for the region and for the state. They also contribute to the emerging college-going culture in the San Joaquin Valley.

Natural Sciences Degree Careers

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What can I do with a natural sciences degree?

UC Merced Natural Science Programs allow students to apply their knowledge to a broad range of specialty sciences which support sustainability, public health, and related fields. Many Natural Science majors allow you to pursue professional opportunities in/as,

Careers in Applied Mathematics

Careers in Biological Sciences

Careers in Chemical Sciences

Careers in Environmental Systems Sciences

Careers in Physics

What can you do with a Natural Science degree outside of these specialty areas? Visit our Natural Sciences Degree Careers page for more info.

Natural Science Internship & Research Opportunities

UC Merced School of Natural Sciences offers several exciting possibilities for students to gain valuable field experience throughout their education. Our faculty-mentored research programs are designed to address the dynamic interests of our students throughout the calendar year.

For more information, visit the UC Merced School of Natural Sciences Research Opportunities page.