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The School of Engineering's mission is to transform students into tomorrow's leaders, create a continuously improving environment in which outstanding faculty, students, and staff thrive in research, education and service, and make local and global impact by creating solutions and developing technologies that address society's challenges.

Engineering students have unique opportunities to learn from world-renowned faculty members in small-classroom settings. The programs at our engineering college in California are on the cutting edge, with projects and studies that combine advanced scientific technology with an understanding of the theory and problem-solving skills that are key to success in any related field.

Showcase Your Skills and Solve Real Business Problems in California

Each year, undergraduate students showcase their innovative work in the capstone program, which has them coming up with workable solutions to real problems facing California businesses and nonprofits.

UC Merced: The Leader Among Engineering Schools in California

Nothing beats hands-on experience in higher education. For many prospective students researching colleges for engineering in California, opportunities to receive hands-on experience is considered an invaluable aspect of their education. UC Merced is a leader among engineering colleges in California for providing comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the classroom, ensuring that students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to today’s career environments.

Learn how to apply your technical engineering skills toward practical solutions through the wide range of opportunities for service-inspired experiential education. Learn more on our Engineering Experiential Learning page.

UC Merced School of Engineering Research

Research has the ability to open new pathways and connect us. Within the collaborative environment at UC Merced’s School of Engineering, we’re helping cultivate ingenuity between undergraduate and graduate students by seeking new possibilities in the field of engineering. Graduate students have the ability to explore individualized research-based programs and gain invaluable experience by working hands-on with faculty mentors. As a world-class faculty and research destination, we’re ready to take your engineering education to the next level. Learn more on our Research page.

ABET Accredited Engineering Programs

ABET accreditation sets the standard worldwide for quality in education and is awarded to university programs which meet the quality standards for the profession. Among the ABET Accredited schools in California, UC Merced offers several programs which meet the requirements for this distinction, including:

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